About Us

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To be one of the forces that direct Turkey's breakthroughs in the agricultural industry sector in which we operate.



Adhering to the traditional values of our group; well focusing on the field of activities, performing the highest quality products and services in these areas, become leader and the first company coming to mind and create values to all stakeholders from costumer to suppliers and from staffs to community.

Quality Policies

We know our future is in line with Turkey’s agricultural future. We consider our business not only as a commercial activity, but also as a whole of services that will contribute to the development of the agricultural sector on a large scale.


We are the locomotive of our sector. Innovative products, services and applications are looking for new ways and we reinforce our leading role and leadership with the principle of continuous improvement. We attach importance to expertise. We do the work well and try to perfect the job. We move forward patiently and resolutely on the road that leads to the best.


You can view and download the catalogs, which contain detailed technical information and visuals about our products.


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